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Hello, my name is San Cristobal de la Coronia, Príncipe de Muerte.

My friends call me MORTY.

I love life...
and it's my job to finish it-- nobody lives forever.

The people of Tenerife know that everything belongs together.
There is a special holiday here, just for me, where people visit together the dead relatives at the cemetery.
One takes coffee, cake and flowers to honour the deceased.

Let's be honest; this is much more pleasant than the other way round - as for example in England:
when the dead relatives come to visit the living - with rattling chains and whimpering!
(and without flowers and cake)

Since death itself is not as busy as it always seems, asked
a friend what to do in my spare time.
and got the answer: "Why don't you open a café?"

No sooner said than done, because my coffee can wake the dead.
(Internal joke)
And we opened a café... to die for!

Visit us and enjoy your life, the excellent coffee and nice people.

We are looking forward to you

Morty's team!


No one knows more about life than death.
You have to enjoy it - indulge yourself.