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During these years an alarming number of friends, relatives and celebrities had died.
Every day they waited for more terrible news.

And so I sat there at night and thought:

"Poor much work - he needs a holiday, he needs to really relax."

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He is always misunderstood, because if you look at it strictly, he is our only friend between the worlds.
He waits - picks you up, shows you the right way and delivers you safely.

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On the way the souls told Him what they enjoyed most in their lives and there was an interesting common ground:
They all appreciated a good cup of coffee in a pleasant atmosphere.

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I told him to open a cafe in Tenerife, Puerto de la Cruz, offer good coffee and let people enjoy watching.
Then people wouldn't whine or beg (only 5 min more - I need another day a week etc)
At the most, you'd like another cup, or a piece of sugar.

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